Hanna Chemical Test Kits

Hanna test kits are a simple way to perform an accurate chemical analysis. A wide variety of single and multi-parameter test kits are available and include methods performed with a color cube, checker® disc, titration, and turbidimetric methods.

Quick and easy to use, Hanna colorimetric chemical test kits are the ideal solution for water analysis of many chemical parameters. The kits are equipped with a transparent container, which has the color scale right next to the sample being tested. This makes the color comparison process simple and error free. The reagents are either liquid or powder, depending on the parameter to be measured.

Hanna Checker Disc test kits use the technology of colorimetric kits to provide greater accuracy and resolution. The Checker® Disc is a color comparison wheel shaded from dark to light in proportion to the concentration of the chemical parameter being tested. The user puts both the blank and the reacted cuvettes inside the Checker Disc then, by turning the wheel, can visually find the concentration that best equals the reacted sample. This technique enhances resolution and accuracy.

Titration test kits kits are easy to use without any loss of resolution and accuracy. To determine the concentration of the chemical parameter, these kits use a titration technique of counting the number of drops of titrant necessary to cause a color change in the sample. Dropper bottles make titration quick and easy without compromising accuracy. The endpoint can be determined with enhanced accuracy and simplicity.

Hanna test kits are supplied ready to use, complete with all the necessary accessories. They are designed to help you to work better, faster, and safer. All Hanna chemical test kits use color-coded dropper bottles, which are easy to recognize during analysis. With some kits, a plastic beaker is provided featuring a ported cap to prevent spills and waste. Every kit is manufactured according to the highest quality standards and a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is available for each product, online.

  • Designed for Specific Applications - Hanna combination chemical test kits are tailor made for specific applications.
  • Includes all you need - Hanna test kits include all the necessary reagents and accessories for their specific application.
  • Ideal for field measurements - Multiparameter test kits from Hanna are equipped with a hard carrying case helps to keep your equipment neat, organized, and easy to carry around in the field. Our carrying cases are rugged, built to last, and easily refilled with replacement reagents as needed.
  • Comprehensive Instructions - Every chemical test kit is supplied with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand instruction manual. The manuals guide users through the analysis step-by-step, making it easy for even non-technical personnel to perform tests.
  • One more advantage: Hanna’s exclusive pHep® for pH measurements

    For those kits that offer pH measurements, Hanna has included the exclusive pHep electronic tester so that your pH analysis will always be quick and reliable. Traditional pH test strips have limited accuracy and do not cover the entire pH range. Due to the pHep's long life, high accuracy, and extended range, these problems are avoided.


Multi-Parameter Chemical Test Kits

Multi-parameter test kits are complimentary single parameter test kits for a particular application packaged into a single carrying case. The multi-parameter test kits include versions for Water Quality, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Water Treatment and Environmental use. Many of the kits that include pH as a parameter are supplied with the pHep pocket meter.




Backpack Labs for Education

Backpack Lab® is designed with all the necessary components in one place, reducing the chance of misplacing an item. Ideal for transporting, this durable backpack is great to take to the field for accurate on-site measurements.

This kit is designed to provide a complete unit for teachers to introduce students to important marine science topics. The teacher’s guide provides detailed background information for either water quality, soil science or marine science lessons and activities that can be adapted to various grade levels. Field tests are included to complement classroom lessons. All materials fit easily into the supplied backpack for easy transport.




Reagents include the replacement reagents for the chemical test kits.


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